Soccer - The World's Most Beloved Sport

Soccer – The World’s Most Beloved Sport

Soccer is a world recognized sport and is one of the most favorite games played across the globe. It is not remarked as a particular country’s favorite sport, but is loved deeply and played by all countries around the world. Countries like Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, France, Spain, England and South Africa worship it completely. Over the years, the fan following for this sport has rapidly increased and various Leagues, Tournaments and Championship matches are organized at various State, National as well as International Levels.

World is crazy about this sport. Everything comes to a standstill when there is a live telecast of a Soccer Match. Young kids are encouraged from school itself to participate in Soccer and also aim at making a career in this world renowned sport. In fact in America itself, more than 3 million children below the age of 18 play this sport. Every child who plays soccer desires to get a Dream league soccer kit by Checkleague to be able to play this game.

What does the Soccer Kit Contain?

Soccer The World's Most Beloved Sport

Like any other sport, Soccer also has certain specifications and rules of the game pertaining to number of players, types of equipment used and dress code or uniform that is to be worn. The Soccer Kit comes with a standard attire and equipment that has to be adhered by all Soccer players. The Soccer kit consists of 5 separate items- i.e. Shirt (which is also referred to as the Jersey), Shorts, Socks, footwear and Shin Pads. The players who play at the Goal post as Goal keepers, get a flexibility of wearing track pants instead of shorts. All players of the game must abide by this principle laid down for their clothing while on the field.

Apart from this kit, they are not allowed to wear anything on the field; use of any object, which is dangerous to either of the players, is strictly prohibited on the field. The Only variation that they could have is the colors of their attire. The color and the design of the attire changes as per the League or Championship they are playing for. The Soccer Boots are also designed for the adaptability & convenience on the field. The Soccer Boots are generally studded for a firm grip on the ground. The Shin Pads are worn for the protection of the Knees and legs; they need to be covered completely with the socks or stockings.

Soccer Club

Every professional Club, Team or League will have their own logo, their team color and will set out Jersey numbers for their players as well. Jersey Number is the number written at the back of the shirt; it is known as the player’s individuality. The players are generally referred to as by their Jersey Number. There are three professional leagues of soccer teams in the United States. The Major League, The North American Soccer league and the United Soccer League. The players play as per their teams and its strategies.


Soccer is such a popular sport all across the world and hence its fan following is immense. Whenever there is a soccer match or series planned, people just get glued to their television sets and enjoy watching the sport been played.