Bowie Knives - The History of the Bowie Knife

Bowie Knives – The History of the Bowie Knife

Bowie blades have an abundant and also vibrant function in American background; they are connected with a few of one of the most legendary minutes, varying from the Alamo to the Civil War. Allow’s a different reality from fiction and uncover the background of the bowie knife.

What is a bowie knife?

The Bowie is thought to be initially a collection of styles produced by Jim Bowie over a variety of years. The “common” historical bowie knife can be thought about to fulfill these specifications:

  • Blade Length: 6-12 inches
  • Blade size: 1.5-2 inches
  • Blade density: ~ 1/4 inch
  • Incorrect side (or sharp side) along behind of blade
  • Huge quillon or guard

Jim Bowie

Bowie Knives - The History of the Bowie Knife

James Bowie was a leader and soldier best recognized for being amongst the soldiers that passed away protecting the Alamo. There is a dispute over that, in fact, made the very first bowie knife, along with that really developed it, and also there does not appear to be a conclusive response. It is most likely that Jim Bowie was associated with developing it, and also it is fairly specific that Jim Bowie was the one that made it popular.

What is specific is that Jim best bowie knife layout came to be preferred after the sandbar battle of 1827. Jim Bowie was sustaining among the duelers when he was struck by the resistance. Regardless of being fired and also stabbed, Jim eliminated his key enemy with his knife. Hereafter occurrence, Jim Bowie came to be referred to as among the very best knife competitors on the planet, and others started to desire duplicates of his knife.

Modern Times

Presently, the term bowie knife can be made use of to describe any type of huge sheath knife. Nevertheless, real Bowie blades are still being made. SOG Knives and also Cold Steel Knives are 2 businesses that makes a number of contemporary Bowie blades. The deal with of an excellent skinning knife needs to provide a superb hold and also needs to fit for the customer to hold.